technician using equipment to perform aeration and overseeding

Mechanical aeration provides an excellent, and probably the only means of correcting or alleviating soil compaction which may be quite serious on many lawn areas. Compaction occurs primarily in the surface area of the lawn. A compacted layer as thin as ¼ to ½ inch can greatly impede water infiltration, nutrient prevention, and gaseous exchange between the soil and the atmosphere. Compaction of this type in the surface layer of soil can be corrected or reduced by the use of suitable aerating equipment.

The practice of core aeration removes cores of soil from the ground approximately 2” to 3” deep, thus creating a void or hole. This allows penetration of air, water and fertilizer into the soil. It promotes healthy root growth and brings bacteria to the surface for better activity in decaying thatch and clippings. They system is very effective and is typically done in the fall prior to the time the ground freezes in the winter. This is a good time to add better seeds to improve the quality and density of your lawn by adding over seeding to your core aeration service.

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